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Low-tech photo shoot

on February 10, 2012

When I (Nige) is not selling ice cream I am a commercial photographer and one of my personal and non-commercial interests is pinhole photography. I make cameras out of boxes and tins, some of which are exposed for a minute or two others for months or even years. As the Pinhole Wizard I have over 40 cameras continually photographing numerous locations including National Trust sites across the South West. I thought I might try mixing my jobs and point the pinhole camera at our van. You can see a couple of results below, keen observers familiar with the ice cream business will recognise the dishes I use for processing the pictures in the darkroom (4L ice cream tubs).

The pictures are crude, even when compared to the typical mobile phone camera however, they have a mystery to them and it is great to be able to produce images for our website with nothing more than a tin that would otherwise go into the recycling. Our van and trikes can be hired for film or photo shoots, contact us if you would like more information.

Pinhole camera made from coffee tin

Citroen H van photographed with coffee tin camera

Citroen H van photographed with coffee tin camera

In the darkroom with ice cream developing tanks

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