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The golden age of steam returns to Green Park Station in Bath

on September 12, 2012

It has probably been quite a long time since the canopy of Green Park Station in Bath was filled with clouds of steam but for a brief moment Ice Cream Events brought back some of the old atmosphere. No, we haven’t added a steam engine to our ‘fleet’ of ice cream vehicles but the fan belt to the Citroen broke just before we arrived to serve ice cream at an event there.

The old Citroen made quite an entrance, cloaked in a dense steam cloud and making a hissing sound that the Flying Scotsman would be proud of. The noise was a far cry from the playful chime sound made by  the typical ice cream van.

We needed a gallon of water to cool the Citroen’s burning heart which produced yet more steam.

Green Park Station, Bath

Once the drama was over we set up stall under the beautiful station canopy and served ice cream to lots of hungry families at the So Natural Baby Fest.

Our departure was much less dramatic .

Customer’s eye view of the Citroen

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