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Who told the Paparazzi about our ice cream waffles?

on June 21, 2013

Recently we have quietly introduced waffles to our menu at larger events. Our customers have loved the combination of a hot waffle with a scoop of Marshfield Ice Cream (Caramel Fudge and Clotted Cream is particularly popular) and drenched in Maple Syrup. We haven’t made a big deal about it but it appears that the word has got out.

Last weekend at the Beaufort Polo Club we were setting up the stall when we noticed that there were numerous telephoto lenses trained in our direction. Perhaps they were after the ultimate scoop! Fortunately the polo field separated them from us and two players in particular did a grand job of obstructing their view.

Some polo players getting in the way of the paparazzi photographers

Some polo players preventing the paparazzi from getting their scoop.

These two players blocking the photographer's view.

These two players blocking the photographer’s view.

Perhaps this is the scoop the Paparazzi really wanted?

The ultimate scoop!

The ultimate scoop!


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