Ice Cream Events

Bringing high quality ice cream to your event


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At Ice Cream Events we only sell award winning Marshfield Farm Ice Cream. The organic farm on which it is made is just across the valley from where we live. The make over 25 real dairy ice cream and 6 sorbets. We normally serve the ice cream in waffle cones or paper tubs, for an extra treat you can always add a flake to your cone.To view the full range visit the Marshfield Farm website.

While we normally serve ice cream in cones or pots at some events we also offer ice cream waffles. This is a piping hot waffle, served with a scoop of ice cream and then drenched in maple syrup. Wow!!

Hot waffle with a scoop of ice cream

Hot waffle with a scoop of ice cream

All images © Nigel Goldsmith

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