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Ice Cream Events at Coleshill Underground weekend

The National Trust site at Coleshill in Oxfordshire was a training base for top secret Auxiliary Units during the Second World War. These units would be based in underground bunkers and form a resistance army in the event of an enemy occupation. To mark the sites wartime role the National Trust held a themed weekend where reenactment groups, entertainers, historians and vintage vehicle clubs all attended to create the wartime atmosphere.  National Trust staff, traders and visitors were all encouraged to dress in period clothes.

Our 1930s style Pashley ice cream trike

Our Citroen van is only 44 years old and much too young for the event so instead we brought our 1930s style ‘stop me and buy one’ Pashley trike for the day. To add to the wartime feel visitors were issued with ID cards which they had to produce on demand, fortunately for them they were not given ration cards and so could enjoy as much Marshfield Farm ice cream as they wanted. I think the photographs above capture some of the atmosphere and fun of the event.

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Pashley’s ‘cream’ machines

Pashley Ice Cream trike. Image used with the permission of Pashley Ltd.

Pashley have very kindly allowed us to show some of the images from their archive on our blog. The company has been making work bikes for over 80 years and some of the design used in these vehicles was revolutionary even by today’s standards. The trike above has a built in hot and cold water system, fitted hand towel and nail brush locker, cone holders and aerodynamic design. I want one of these!!

The Pashley Superior in the advert below is not quite as curvy as the model above but it is still a radical design and offers many features no longer seen in today’s models such as the optional copper tanks for keeping pies hot in the winter. After the summer we have had so far this year I also like the idea of the air tight lids to “keep out the driving rain”.

While the ice cream boxes used on these trikes have clearly changed over time the classic style and quality workmanship of the frame is still recognisable.

Our Pashley trike from 2012

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The Pashley ice cream trike

Not all ice cream trikes are Pashleys. Pashley have been hand building working bicycles and tricycles in the Midlands for over 80 years. The bikes use quality components such as Brooks saddles and are a real pleasure to use. Unlike many of the imported ice cream trikes Pashleys don’t use noisy electrical freezers and can be used far from a power or water supply. Once set up they only occupy a small space and can be wheeled almost anywhere.

A Pashley looks great at all kinds of small events such as fetes, parties or weddings and can be themed to suit the event.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Our ice cream trikes are hand-made by the bike makers Pashley. They have been building work bikes for over 80 years. The saddles are made by Brooks in the Midlands. With the metal rivets sticking out from the top it doesn’t look very comfortable but many cyclists swear by them and the saddle is a much more comfortable place to sit than in the driver’s seat of the Citroen van.

To stop the cycle running away when it is parked it has a locking hand brake (just out of focus below saddle) which locks the back wheel firmly and two brakes on the front wheels when moving. An emergency stop on an ice cream trike is not a pretty sight.

Brooks Saddle

The trike doesn’t need much space so it can be placed right in the middle of the action (see below), it doesn’t need electricity to stay cold or a constant water supply and can be wheeled almost anywhere.

The Pashley trike somewhere in the middle of the Queen Charlton Village Fete

If you would like the trike at your event give us a call.

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Jubilee party at Henrietta Park in Bath

Rain didn’t stop the people of Bath from coming out and having a great time in Henrietta Park. The fancy dress dog competition saw dogs dressed in crowns while the jazz band kept our feet tapping. One of the charities the organisers were raising money for was Dorothy House Hospice who Nige raised nearly £1000 for in April when he ran the London Marathon.

Pashley Trike setting up in Henrietta Park, Bath

If you are holding a fundraising event and you would like delicious Marshfield Farm Ice Cream give us a call on 0777 904 3247

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Tricycle made for two, our ice cream wedding trike

Ros and Kirstie taking after serving 4 delicious flavours of ice cream at Helena and Kieran’s wedding

If you would like us to attend your wedding with our trike, van or usherette tray please call Ros on 0777 904 3247

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Did you cycle it all the way from Marshfield?

Grace chilling out on the trike at the start of the fete in Henrietta Park in Bath.

Pashley Trike with Grace on the saddle

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